EFPA highlights the need to include Mental Health among the EU's future health priorities

As we approach the 2024 European elections and the formation of a new European Commission, what should the European Union's health priorities be?

The European Observatory on Health Systems and Policies has launched a public debate in agreement with the European Commission (DG SANTE). The Observatory is engaging with diverse stakeholders to brainstorm ideas, perspectives, and inputs to help carve out key priority areas for EU action in health moving forward.

The Observatory has drafted nine priority topics for the EU policies:

  • enhancing health security;
  • addressing the determinants of health through Health in All Policies and Health for All Policies;
  • supporting health system transformation;
  • enhancing the labour market for health and care workers;
  • achieving universal health coverage;
  • implementing digital solutions and AI;
  • improving the performance and resilience of health systems;
  • addressing long-term challenges,
  • such as population ageing or climate change; and
  • strengthening the EU's global voice and leadership

EFPA´s answer to the online survey makes reference to seven mental health priorities, ensuring that future EU policies proactively promote good mental health, as well as work to prevent, mitigate, and respond to mental health challenges.

Briefing papers illustrating the nine priority topics are available here

A Eurohealth article summarising the timeline of key events planned within the scope of the public debate is also available here