EFPA advocacy

Contributing to society through advocacy related activities

The activities that are undertaken in relation to the fields of action include:

1. Advocacy
Continued and enhanced engagement with European institutions and policy makers.
2. Collaboration with European organisations
Partnering with other organisations at the European level with which EFPA has existing relationships.
3. Using established Networks
Continued participation in the Networks hosted by the European Commission, and development / endorsement of joint statements.
4. Working Groups’ plans
Adding specific deliverables into the workplans of our Groups were complementary to skills and interests.
5. Publicity
Higher visibility of Mental Health and continued visibility of Climate Change in EFPA’s communication tools. Publicise the policy / advocacy work of our Members.
6. European Congresses
Encourage relevant themes/ streams and submissions at both ECP2025 and in the early plans for ECP2027.
7. Connecting professional staff
Connecting our Members’ professional staff working on these fields of action (e.g. research, policy, communications staff) into a coordinating network.
8. Working with others
Co-operate with our partner psychology organisations (Full Members, the international psychology organisations, MoU partners, and our UN Geneva collaboration with the Federation of Swiss Psychologists and American Psychological Association).
9. Beyond the EU
Ensuing for EFPA Members that the work at the European level is where possible generalised beyond the European Union and its 27 member States to the areas represented within the EFPA membership more broadly.



Since its inception EFPA has engaged as an active participant in mental health advocacy throughout Europe and alongside our collaborators internationally. EFPA welcomes a recognition of the importance of ensuring that EU and national policies proactively promote good mental health, as well as work to prevent, mitigate and respond to mental health challenges.

Psychology and Mental Health
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Climate Change_Recolored3

Psychology is the study of human thought and behaviour which embraces all aspects of experience. Accordingly psychological science has identified solutions to many of the challenges associated with human factors related to the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), which includes SDG 13 which aims to combat climate change.

European Psychology and Climate change
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