The way EFPA strives to fulfil this purpose is:


    Develop psychology:

    • Develop psychology education, science, and professional practice
    • Promote the dissemination of psychological knowledge, to develop a clear image of psychology and make it accessible, useful and respected

    Contribute to society:

    • Contribute psychological theory and practice to quality of life including health and wellbeing of people living in Europe and to a democratic and prosperous society
    • Represent psychology at the European level, and contribute psychological science to European policy development

    Serve Psychologists:

    • Support the development of its Full Members and their activities at the national level
    • Enhance the standing of the profession and its legal status at the European level, building a European professional identity based on common values and goals, equality, diversity, inclusion, multi and interculturalism, mutual respect and collaboration, mobility, and service to society.