Full Membership is open to the national psychologist association of all European countries but there shall be only one Full Member per country in Europe.

In countries where there is more than one national organisation of Psychologists, the EFPA Full Member can be a federation (or network) of associations of Psychologists.

Full membership is open and accessible to any legal entity cumulatively meeting all the criteria in the Statutes including:

  • Being an organisation of Psychologists or federation (or network) of associations of Psychologists which is able to represent the most Psychologists in the country.
  • Which exists to promote psychology as education, science, and/or profession in one (1) country of Europe.
  • Having a purpose in accord with the non-profit purpose of EFPA.

An online application form can be obtained by contacting the Head Office. 

See EFPA Statutes Article 6 - Full Members

Current EFPA Full Members

Since June 2022 EFPA has 37 Full Members from 37 European countries, including all 27 EU countries. 

As a European federation representing the interests of psychologists in Europe, EFPA is committed to making contact with associations of psychologists from European countries, which are not yet members of EFPA.

Full Members list
Belgische Federatie van Psychologen
Oude Graanmarkt 48 1000 Brussels Belgium
Czech Republic
Unie Psychologickych Asociaci CR
Kladenska 48 160 00 Praha 6 Czech Republic
Colegiul Psihologilor din Romania
Stoian Militaru Street 71 040713 Bucuresti Romania