2022 ECP in Ljubljana

The 17th European Congress of Psychology in Ljubljana, Slovenia, has been postponed to July 5-8, 2022

The 17th European Congress of Psychology is being organized by the Slovenian Psychologists’ and with support from three major Slovenian universities, the Ministry of Education, the Mayor and the City Council of Ljubljana, Slovenian Tourist Board and other prominent organizations.

The organizers and the Scientific Committee are committed to making ECP2022 a place where fresh psychological ideas will encounter ideas from other scientific fields. Hence the title of the Congress:

Psychology as the Hub Science: Opportunities and Responsibility

The ECP 2022 wants to attract scholars and practitioners with fresh ideas and insights from all fields of psychology but also researchers from other sciences that relate to psychology. The goal is to initiate fruitful collaborations and dialog among colleagues and like-minded professionals.

More information can be found at: https://www.ecp2022.eu/
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2019 ECP in Moscow

The Russian Psychological Society organised the XVI EFPA Congress that brought together scientists and practitioners of psychology from all over the world. It is very significant that a country with such a long tradition in psychology has chosen to organize the European Federation of Psychologists' Association Congress.

Psychology: creating the future together

The theme of the 2019 ECP “Psychology: creating the future together” expressed the desire and the commitment to participate in the future of Humanity. Psychology as a science and practice covers many areas of human endeavour and has been producing sound scientific evidence that supports many beneficial interventions for the well being of people, organizations, communities, and nations.

The ECP 2019 has been a success story with 2622 participants coming from 93 countries and during which 2972 abstracts have been submitted.

More information can be found at: https://ecp2019.ru/

Guidelines for the organisation of the European Congress of Psychology ECP

EFPA aims to promote the development and application of psychology in Europe and beyond, through research, education and professional practice.

In support of this EFPA organises the bi-annual European Congress of Psychology (ECP).
Since the first congress in Amsterdam in 1989 the ECP has grown in magnitude and reputation. By now it is known all over the world as the place where European psychology presents itself and where psychologists from Europe and from other continents can meet and share knowledge.
Comprehending all areas of psychology and covering the whole of Europe, the ECP provides participants – whether psychologists, students, educators, policy makers and others with an interest in psychology – with a unique opportunity to inform themselves about the state of the art in psychology as a science and a profession.

Past and future European Congresses of Psychology

United Kingdom - Brighton
Slovenia - Lubljana
Russia - Moscow
Netherlands - Amsterdam
Italy - Milan
Sweden - Stockholm
Turkey - Istanbul
Norway - Oslo
Czech Republic - Prague