What can you expect from our news magazine?

With the News Magazine, EFPA aims to stimulate the exchange of all relevant news and information among its Members. Articles include, inter alia: news from EFPA working groups, EFPA statements and press releases, national news from Full Members, news from Associate Members, a special page on Psychology and  Climate Change and on Mental Health in Europe.


EFPA Psychologists' Support Hubs

EFPA Support Hubs are special editions of the News Magazine who serve as single point of access to psychology resources collected by EFPA on specific topics for psychologists to use.

The resources provided cover supporting individuals, families across the age span, local and national communities, and support for psychologists in their own professional practice. 


      Visit EFPA hubs here:
    Cover_Ukraine_Hub EFPA Hub Psychological Support for Ukraine
    ClimateChange-Hub_Cover EFPA Psychology and Climate Change hub
    Covid-Hub-Cover EFPA Psychologists' Support Hub about Covid-19 crisis


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    All editions of the EFPA News Magazines and hubs are available on the kiosk.

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