EFPA membership is not granted to individuals but only to associations or organisations as defined in EFPA Statutes .

See EFPA Statues - Title III. Members
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List of services offered by EFPA to its Members

March 2023


EFPA operates the following non-exhaustive list of activities for the benefit of its Members:

  • Establish and maintain relations with relevant intergovernmental, governmental and nongovernmental bodies in Europe;

  • Offer recommendations and issue position statements and papers concerning the psychological science on societal issues;

  • Collate, generate and disseminate information concerning psychology and conditions of relevance for psychology in Europe;

  • Develop and share models and standards regarding education, science, and professional practice in psychology;

  • Certify psychologists’ qualifications (including EuroPsy and Test User Accreditation);

  • Facilitate communication, networking, and strengthen cooperation among Members and between these and other organisations and media;

  • Arrange regular conferences, seminars and meetings for Psychologists in Europe;

  • Organise and arrange congresses, seminars, workshops, and other programmes and convenings at international, European and national levels;

  • Disseminate information and issue publications;

  • Collect and analyse data; and

  • Cooperate with and assist other initiatives and/or organisations having a purpose similar to the purpose of EFPA, as well as other regional and/or international initiatives and/or organisations.