EFPA took part in the Annual Reception of EPSA (European Pharmaceutical Students' Association)


EFPA recently took part in the 14th edition of the Annual Reception of EPSA (European Pharmaceutical Students' Association) held at the European Parliament on 19th March. Hosted by MEPs Irena Joveva and Cyrus Engerer, the event brought together over 100 pharmaceutical students to address pressing issues surrounding mental health.

The discussion explored critical questions, including "Who looks after the carer?" A concerning number of university students, particularly those in the pharmaceutical field, have reported experiencing sleep issues and expressed a desire for psychological support. In Belgium, resources such as Moodspace aim to provide assistance to those grappling with mental health challenges.

Furthermore, the event highlighted the importance of implementing mental health policies in workplaces. Circa 40% of reported sick leaves in Belgium last year were attributed to stress. Managers seeking guidance on fostering healthy work environments can explore the resources provided by the H-Work project, including the Roadmap, Platform, and Policy Briefs, accessible here

EFPA emphasised the necessity of prioritising mental health protection across Europe. Instead of solely focusing on symptom reduction, EFPA advocates for a holistic, human-centric approach that addresses various aspects of individuals' lives, including work, housing, social protection, relationships, and family. The organisation has outlined Seven Priorities for Mental Health, which can be found on here

Through its participation in events like EPSA's Annual Reception, EFPA remains committed to raising awareness and promoting initiatives that foster mental well-being across Europe.