The American Psychological Foundation’s (APF) Wilhelm Wundt – William James Award was given to EFPA in cooperation with the American Psychological Association in 2003. 

The award recognized psychologists who had made distinguished contributions to the science and profession of psychology and to the promotion of effective cooperation between Europe and North America,  and was made possible by a gift of the APF from the late Dr Raymond Fowler.  Recipients received a mounted gold medallion.

The final award was made in 2019.  EFPA thanks the APF and congratulates once more the recipients over the years whose names are recorded below:


Year Recipient Recipient's institution
2003 Professor Endel TULVING (Canada)
and Professor Lars-Göran NILSSON (Sweden)
2005 Professor Charles SPIELBERGER (USA)  
2007 Professor Serge MOSCOVICI (France - Romania)  
2009 Professor Norbert SCHWARZ ( Germany) University of Michigan - USA
2011 Professor Arne Öhman (Sweden) Karolinska Institute - Stockholm, Sweden 
2013 PhD Jean L. Pettifor (Canada) University of Alberta - Canada
2015 Professor Anke Ehlers (Germany) University of Oxford  - UK
2017 Professor Susan Fiske (USA) Princeton University - USA
2019 Professor Peter Gollwitzer (Germany) New York University - USA


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