Webinar 5: Global Online Classrooms in How to Train Caregivers of Abandoned Children

By Niels Peter Rygaard


Since 2008, the presenter´s Fairstart Foundation enters partnerships with NGO´s and government agencies, educating their staff to train local groups of caregivers, social workers and teachers.

So far, 700 instructors in 32 countries have graduated and trained the caregivers of 60.000 children and youth growing up without parents, in attachment-based care and learning.

To inspire colleagues, the presentation presents elements and theoretical considerations underlying the intervention. Also, the design of online classrooms to lower partner costs for education, and accomplish a global reach.

It aims to empower the rise of local professional competences, and strengthen community children.



Since graduating from Aarhus University 1981, Niels Peter Rygaard has worked with deprived, abused and abandoned children, in research, supervising staff, and advising organizational developments.
He is an active member of the PCUN group advising United Nations about migrant children.
For creating the Fairstart Foundation to bridge the gap between researchers, organizations and daily caregivers, he received the 2020 APA Award for Humanitarian International Work for Underserved Populations. Niels has built a unique knowledge base and an international network of scientists, decision makers and psychologists in the field of care for children and youth placed outside home.


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