Webinar 2: More than metaverse madness? The potential of immersive technologies for mental health

By Tom Van Daele



Lately we've been overloaded with news about the ‘metaverse ‘and other virtual worlds that could alter our lives in the future.
Concepts such as virtual reality and immersive technology are also increasingly emerging in therapy.
You may think that they’re the latest hype, but nothing could be further from the truth.

During this keynote you will learn more about virtual reality, 360° video and augmented reality.
We’ll explore their potential, looking at both potential advantages, as well as challenges.

This will be followed by an overview of established intervention techniques using XR, like virtual reality exposure therapy and prolonged exposure, as well as more novel approaches which are increasingly explored in both research and practice.

Finally, you’ll learn more about existing and accessible solutions and how these can already be applied in clinical practice.



Tom Van Daele is the head of the Expertise Unit Psychology, Technology & Society at Thomas More University of Applied Sciences and the convenor of the EFPA Project Group on eHealth.
His work is predominantly practice-oriented and multidisciplinary: he educates students and clinicians on the use of technology, facilitates organizations with the integration and implementation of technologies within their services, and advices policy makers on how to accommodate healthcare systems to accommodate these innovations.
His practice-oriented focus is also supplemented with more basic research, through positions at both KU Leuven and Queen’s University Belfast.



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