UN Geneva event

“Emotions – A missing link towards delivering the SDGs and long-term sustainability?”




On 29 November 2023, a cutting edge event was held at the UN Geneva Palais des Nations put on by the UN SDG Lab as part of their series “So What’s Next?”.  The event was in association with the UN Geneva collaboration between the European Federation of Psychologists’ Associations (EFPA), the Federation of Swiss Psychologists (FSP), and the American Psychological Association (APA).  

The event was an in-depth discussion on the role of emotions and affective sciences in advancing the SDGs and long-term sustainability. As part of the ‘What’s Next Series’, the discussion engaged academics, researchers, policymakers, and practitioners across disciplines to explore how tapping into emotions can support a broader sustainable societal transition. The event, which nurtured a constructive space where evidence intersected with policymaking, was designed with three overarching questions in mind: 

  1. How can we better understand what motivates action; 
  2. Which emotions are most likely to trigger pro-sustainability behaviours, and 
  3. How can this knowledge be applied to strategies and practical policymaking.

The SDGs engaged by the event include 11. Sustainable cities and communities, 13. Climate action, 17. Partnerships for the goals, and 12. Responsible consumption & production.

The SDG Lab at the UN in Geneva works with a diverse ecosystem of actors that are focused on delivering the 2030 Agenda. They identify strategic opportunities for convergence in order to energize and maximize the added-value and expertise of International Geneva in supporting implementation of the SDGs on the ground.  The FSP/ EFPA/ APA collaboration is developing a presence for the science and profession of Psychology at the United Nations (UN) in Geneva.  This collaboration aims to broaden the reach of Psychology into international organisations that exist to find solutions to the problems of society.

The SDG Lab summary of the event and presentations can be read here. 

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