EFPA Board of Assessement

Survey on attitudes towards tests and testing in Europe

The main goal of the EFPA Board of Assessment (BoA) is the improvement of testing practices in European countries with various actions and projects. A key initiative of the Board of Assessment is the survey on attitudes to tests and testing. The BoA has surveyed in 2000, 2010 and 2020 psychologists in more than 20 European countries, providing insights into professional practice in testing and assessment. Advances in technology alongside requirements of fairness in assessment increases the need to monitor test perceptions and practice by psychologists. The data will guide the actions and measures taken by EFPA, but also ITC and other stakeholders and contribute to training and awareness campaigns to improve psychologists’ use of tests across Europe.

Summary findings and communication events from the most recent Psychologists’ Attitudes to Test and Testing Survey results were presented at:

  • 5 relevant papers at ECP2022 with  Invited Symposium for abstracts 

Information on the survey on psychologists' attitudes towards test and testing on the previous survey waves (dd. 2000 and 2010) can be found here: