September 10 World Suicide Prevention Day: Working together to prevent suicide

Working together to prevent suicide

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10 September is World Suicide Prevention Day. It is an initiative promoted by International Association for Suicide Prevention (IASP) and supported also by EFPA - European Federation of Psychologists’ Associations.

Globally, more than 800.000 people die yearly due to suicide. It is a public-health issue that needs cooperation of professionals from different disciplines, as well as lay public. IASP is continuing the theme for the event: Working together to prevent suicide. The theme is indicating that the prevention of this complex phenomenon is not a matter of one certain individual or profession, but an issue that needs collaboration of a spectrum of entities, from the individual and personal to the societal and political ones.

The Board of Promotion and Prevention of EFPA this year held a special symposium at the European Congress of Psychology in Moscow, where they highlighted the importance of bringing good practices into policies. Vita Postuvan from the EFPA Board explains: ‘Psychology can offer a number of effective interventions on different levels. But, the most challenging problem is often how to ensure sustainability of specific projects or interventions to become a part of everyday routine. ‘

EFPA supports activities being held around the 10th September. Among others, there is the Cycle Around the Globe action that encourages to cycle for suicide prevention or Light a Candle activity that also aims to support the bereaved people. 



Vita Postuvan – Slovenian member of EFPA Board Promotion and Prevention