Exploring the digital health landscape in the WHO European Region: taking a closer look

A new WHO report looks at individual countries to see how the WHO Member States are reshaping their health-care systems through the integration of digital health policies and tools. “Exploring the digital health landscape in the WHO European Region: digital health country profiles” details innovations in areas including telehealth, mobile health and Big Data, as well as digital health governance, electronic health records, patient portals and analytics. 

Analysing these elements at the national level can provide insights into how each country navigates the evolving landscape of digital health. Additionally, the report aims to encourage shared learning, help countries identify digital health barriers, explore trends, steer the agenda for innovation and contribute to the implementation of the regional digital health action plan for the WHO European Region.

“The COVID-19 pandemic boosted the adoption of digital health tools and policies. However, as we see from our regional report, there is still work to be done. With the digital health country profiles, we are able to take a closer look, identifying strengths, gaps and needs. This will enable us to provide tailored support to our Member States in their digital health transformation,” said Dr Natasha Azzopardi-Muscat, Director for Country Health Policies and Systems at WHO/Europe.

The information presented in the country profiles was collected between April and October 2022. Therefore, any recent advancements or changes in the respective countries beyond that period may not be reflected. The country profiles build on WHO/Europe’s regional digital health report, which was published in 2023 and provided a broad overview of data and digital health in the Region.