EFPA SC on Crisis, Disaster and Trauma Psychology

"The duty to help in the refugee crisis in Europe"

Europe is facing an influx of refugees that is unprecedented in recent times. These refugees are escaping war, violence, terrorism, political persecution and poverty. They risk their lives to cross the Mediterranean and other borders to reach Europe where they hope to find a solution for their situation and a safe place to live. Many do not survive the crossing or the exploitation by traffickers, as we have seen recently. 

While humanitarian support is improving and some EU countries take up large numbers of migrants, they generally face huge difficulties in finding a new place to live, accommodating to their new environment, building up a new life amidst prejudice and hostility, and coping with mental health problems caused by their stressful experiences.

The EFPA  Standing Committees of Disaster and Crisis psychology wants to make his competency available to those trying to help in this situation, both nationally and internationally by sharing his knowledge and linking to valuable ressources.

Five of the documents on this page (labeled with an X1 to X5) are presentations made during the 2015 Lisbon Symposium on "Preparing to meet the psychosocial needs of refugees and asylum seekers".

Those labeled X6 and ongoing are presentations made during the 2016 Istanbul Conference.

Furthermore, you can download here  ( App Store og Play Butik ) an app in 9 different languages who guides parents to  to deal with your children’s reactions to dramatic life events and how to establish a new sense of security for them. An audio version is offered in 6 languages.

Under label XZ, you can find a guideline for Psychologists Working With Refugees and Asylum Seekers edited by British Psychological Society in February 2018 (XZ1=Summary / XZ2 Extended Version)