EFPA Board of Assessement


Ongoing revision of the European Test Review Model

The main goal of the EFPA Test Review Model (TRM) is to provide a description and a detailed and rigorous assessment of the psychological assessment tests, scales and questionnaires used in the fields of Work, Education, Health and other contexts. This information is made available to test users and professionals in order to improve tests and testing and help them to make the right assessment decisions.

The Test Review Model (TRM) provides a standardised approach to evaluate the tests in all applied domains of psychology, but the latest version dates from 2013. The Board considers it already for some years necessary to review the present model and implement necessary changes.Along with the utilization of technology in assessment, new topics have arisen since the inception of the Test Model. Another goal of the revision process is the plan to make the TRM more practical and easy to use. The revision is a titanic work in progress, worked through in a Board ‘Work GroupTRM’ in consultation with representatives of their specific Psychological Associations and other specialists. Many of these new topics have found to be connected with the rise of increased digitization of the test industry such as hidden algorithms, gamification, and continuous norming.  

  • The official (English language) version EFPA (2013) TEST REVIEW MODEL Version 4.2.6 can be downloaded here
  • At ECP 2023 a Symposium Paper was presented on the revision: Updating the EFPA BoA Test Review Model: a necessary titanic work with many angles and supported by even more shoulders (Mark Schittekatte & Nigel Evans). The PDF of the presentation can be downloaded here