European Psychologist: New Editor in Chief

EFPA is pleased to share recent news from EP_journal_Cover_WithBordersHogrefe Publishing Group, who has welcomed Prof. Christoph Steinebach, PhD (Zurich), as the new Editor in Chief of European Psychologist.

We join Hogrefe too in thanking the outgoing Editor in Chief Prof. Peter Frensch, PhD (Berlin), who during his editorship has so successfully shaped European Psychologist into what it is today.

On his appointment, which is made by Hogrefe in consultation with EFPA, Christoph Steinebach said:


“Our task now is to secure and build on these successes and continue the positive development of European Psychologist into the future.

"The review focus of European Psychologist is important in building a high quality evidence base across a range of subject areas for researchers to build on, practitioners to use, and advocates and policy makers to draw on in improving the lives of European citizens, which is a core part of EFPA’s purpose.

"As Editor in Chief, to support development of a high quality evidence base, I will be encouraging submissions of systematic reviews and meta analyses, and papers that transparently show how they have selected from the knowledge base to construct their findings and draw conclusions.“



The European Psychologist is a multidisciplinary journal that serves as the voice of psychology in Europe, seeking to integrate across all specializations in psychology and to provide a general platform for communication and cooperation among psychologists throughout Europe and worldwide. Integrative articles and reviews constitute the core material published in the journal. It is an official journal of the European Federation of Psychologists’ Associations (EFPA).

Christoph Steinebach is also President of the European Federation of Psychologists’ Associations EFPA.