European Mental Health: A comprehensive and unified approach


You can view videos of the discussions here:

  • A discussion on mental health commitment. John Francis Leader is a member of EFPA's Board of Directors and is Liaison for Mental Health. Watch video here >
  • A discussion on societal crises response. Magda Rooze is the convenor of the Standing Committee Crisis, Disaster and Trauma Psychology and she has been working in the field of crisis and disasters for many years, specifically on the topic of prevention of radicalization, and psychosocial support for victims of terrorism. Watch video here >
  • A discussion on community-oriented services. Felix Bolinski is a research associate at the Trimbos institute, the Dutch institute for mental health and addiction. He was project manager in the Horizon 2020 project RECOVER-E, which focused on the implementation of community-based treatment in five Central and Eastern European Countries. Watch video here >
  • A discussion on workplace mental health. Ole Tunold is Secretary General of the Norwegian Psychological Association and EFPA's Vice President Governance and Work & Organisational Psychology liaison. Watch video here >
  • A discussion on climate change psychology. Kinga Dengyel is a Clinical Psychologist for Children and Adolescents, a Perinatal Consultant and a Pro-Environmental Psychologist. Kinga facilitates Schema Therapy and Cognitive Behavioural Therapy for children, adolescents, adults and pregnant women. Watch video here >
  • A discussion on training, standards and regulation. Rosaleen McElvaney is clinical psychologist and psychotherapist, based in Ireland, and is the current chair of the European Awarding Committee for the EuroPsy certificate. Watch video here >
  • A discussion on access and digitalisation. Tom Van Daele is head of the Expertise Unit Psychology, Technology & Society at Thomas More University of Applied Sciences and the convenor of the Project Group on eHealth. Watch video here >


Entire webinar

You can view the entire event here: