EFPA participates in European Pain Federation research

Through December 2023 to January 2024, EFPA supported two initiatives by the European Pain Federation (EFIC).

The first, 'Priorities for Pain Research in Europe', is an opinion paper based on a multi-stakeholder priority setting process conducted by the Research Strategy working group of the European Pain Federation (EFIC), and was reviewed by EFPA in terms of psychology's contributions to this area.

The overall aim of the Strategy is to optimise understanding and management of pain through promoting high-quality, collaborative basic science, translational, and clinical research. The Strategy Mission is to:
• Facilitate the generation of high-quality research that is relevant to Europe
• Advance scientific understanding of pain
• Advance the management of pain
• Raise the profile of pain research in Europe
• Advocate for pain research support in Europe
• Foster collaboration between research groups and other stakeholders (capacity building)
• Facilitate the translation of high-quality pain research into European policy and practice
• Invest in early career pain researchers who have capacity to be future leaders in Europe

A related but separate project, the European Pain Federation Survey in conjunction with the University of Bologna and collaborating European universities, was also shared with EFPA's Council for expert feedback in order to explore clinician views on factors that influence treatment efficacy in their practice, and their training needs.

Output from the above projects will be shared once received, with general update available here.