EFPA co-signs letter to EPSCO Council for action on mental health

EFPA was happy to join with the European Brain Council, the European College of Neuropharmacology, EUFAMI, the European Psychiatric Association, the Federation of Neuroscience Societies and GAMIAN Europe in a joint letter to the Minister of Health of Spain, Dr. José Manuel Miñones Conde, regarding the Informal Ministerial Meeting EPSCO (Health) focusing on improving mental health in the EU (1).

The letter expresses support for the European Commission's recent initiative titled 'A comprehensive approach to mental health,' released on June 7, 2023 which EFPA has responded to (2). It highlights that one in four people in Europe face mental health issues and that there are unmet needs for mental healthcare despite available interventions. The letter calls for a holistic and inclusive approach to mental health due to its impact on well-being.

The letter proposes building upon the Commission's initiative by urging the Council to request the Commission to propose national action programs for mental health and well-being at the Member States level. These programs should address various aspects of mental health, including prevention, promotion, treatment, care, and coordination at the EU level. The letter cites precedent from the 2013 Council Conclusions and previous successful coordination of national action programs in other health areas.

The letter suggests that Spain's Mental Health Strategy could serve as a model for such action programs and proposes the establishment of an EU Policy Lab for mental health and youth. The organisations involved offer to assist in the development of a structured action plan to address gaps, establish a surveillance system, promote research, and support member states in delivering these programs. The letter concludes by expressing hope for Spain's support and collaboration in shaping answers to the societal challenge of mental health.

Collaboration with colleagues in sending this letter forms part of EFPA's advocacy efforts around European mental health. In particular 7 points are emphasised relating to: mental health commitment, societal crises, community-oriented services, the workplace, climate change, standards and equality of access (3).


1 - Letter to EPSCO Council (attached here)

2 - Considering ‘A New EU Approach To Mental Health’—EFPA responds to the European Commission's statement on the EU’s Comprehensive Approach to Mental Health https://www.efpa.eu/considering-new-eu-approach-mental-healthefpa-responds-european-commissions-statement-eus

3 - EFPA replies to European Commission Call for Evidence 'A comprehensive approach to mental health' https://www.efpa.eu/efpa-replies-european-commission-call...