EFPA working group on Climate Change

Climate change and psychology glossary

(First published date: May 2023 )

Psychological Science and practice plays a major role in fighting climate crisis. Psychological  knowledge and tools are essential to understand and nudge human behavior towards a more sustainable future. EFPA’s Glossary aims to create a shared knowledge-base covering concepts and processes about Psychology and Climate Crisis, to be used by all Psychologists, independently of their field of expertise. 

The glossary has been developed between December 2021 and May 2023 by members of EFPA’s expert reference group for psychology and climate change.  Terms for inclusion have been chosen based on peer consensus on what is most likely to be useful to psychologists for reference when working in this area.  Definitions have been taken from what the authors consider to be mainstream literature and the work has been peer reviewed during development within the group.

Climate Change_Recolored3

Download the glossary here