Throughout the document we will consequently be referring to psychologists, these recommendations are however, of course also applicable to other (mental) healthcare professionals active in this domain. Finally, we have highlighted the most important points of attention here, but in no way claim this overview to be fully exhaustive.

This document is explicitly practice-oriented and specifically aimed at all EFPA psychologists’ associations and their respective members. When referring to this document, important national points of attention may be highlighted by respective member associations to adapt it further to the local context. Together with these national adaptations and caveats, it can serve as a source of inspiration for (inter)national policy makers. Although all recommendations are based on the extensive experience and knowledge of literature and practice of the project group members, these are currently kept very brief. We decided to not substantiate this document with elaborate references to literature, mainly to keep it concise. In due time, a more extensive peer-reviewed publication will follow. In the meantime, any questions can be addressed directly to the project group. References to two relevant publications by the project group and to relevant publications by project group members can also be found below for an academic state-of-the-art and to provide additional insights.


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EFPA project group on eHealth (2020). Digital psychological interventions. Recommendations for Policy and Practice. European Federation of Psychologists' Associations.