Wed, Jan 20, 2021

EAAP - European Association for Aviation Psychology

Accepted as EFPA Associate Member by GA July 2013 in Stockholm

European Association for Aviation Psychology EAAP (updated June 2018)


Since 1956 the European Association for Aviation Psychology (EAAP) provides a forum for professionals working in the various domains of aviation psychology and human factors. With more than 300 members from 36 European and non-European countries we facilitate - from a European perspective - a professional network to encourage the successful management of human performance in aviation. If you are working in the field of aviation psychology and human factors, and your are looking for professional exchange and stimulation, join our association and contribute to its future challenges and opportunities to promote the human side of aviation.

The objective of EAAP is to promote the study of psychology and the scientific pursuit of applied psychology in the field of aviation.

EAAP aims to achieve this objective by:

  • Providing a network for professionals working in aviation psychology;
  • Organising conferences and workshops;
  • Facilitating education, training and professional recognition in aviation psychology;
  • Publishing periodical newsletters and information news flashes;
  • Making recommendations for scientific research and for the practical application of aviation psychology;
  • Co-operating and consulting with institutions active in related fields;
  • Giving guidance and support to aviation authorities;
  • Any other lawful means that may be conducive to the achievement of the association's objective.

President: Michaela SCHWARZ 

Secretary General: Gunnar STEINHARDT

Deputy Secretary General: Jennifer EAGLESTONE

Treasurer: Karina MESAROSOVA

Accreditation Management: Reneé PELCHEN-MEDWED

Course Management/ Scientific Committee : Mickaël CAUSSE

Clinical Psychology Liaison : Robert BOR