The H-WORK EU Project has the purpose of designing, implementing and validating effective multi-level assessment and intervention toolkits, evaluating individual and organisational outcomes of the adopted measures and provide further innovative products and services.

The aim is to effectively promote mental health, along with policy recommendations for employers, occupational health professionals and policy makers.

The H-WORK project runs from January 2020 till September 2023.

This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 Research and Innovation Programme under Grant Agreement No 847386.


Mental Health at the Work platform

February 2024

This platform aims to help employers, HR managers, and OHS professionals address mental health at their workplace based on EU-funded international scientific affairs.

The platform features tools such as benchmarking, a support system for organisational interventions and an economic calculator.

The benchmarking tool allows organisations to measure their performance, ensuring alignment with European standards.
The support system provides actionable improvement suggestions, while the economic calculator assists in estimating cost savings from organisational interventions. The platform also includes practical advice and guidelines for a productive workplace environment.

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MH Mental Health at work platform


Policy Briefs and Recommendations for health professionals and policy makers.

September 2023

Available in different languages on the Mental Health at Work Platform:

1. Recommendations on Digital Interventions for Employee Well-Being and Teamwork

This Policy Brief provides occupational health practitioners, HR directors, and managers of SMEs and public organisations with recommendations on digital-based interventions to improve employee wellbeing and teamwork.

2. Selecting interventions based on workers' needs: Why and how to ensure participation

This policy brief is intended for Human Resources and Occupational Health professionals, managers, and union representatives, and introduces the importance of promoting and protecting mental health in the workplace through workplace Interventions.

3. Making room for Mental Health: Recommendations from Psychologists to Managers

This briefing proposes several practical recommendations for action to effectuate a "mentally healthy" work environment, based on the H-Work outcomes.

4. Mental Health and Wellbeing in Small and Medium Sized Enterprises (SMEs) – Reflecting the needs of SMEs in intervention design and implementation.’

This policy brief summarizes the barriers and opportunities of introducing workplace mental health and wellbeing interventions to SMEs. It also sets out a number of recommendations relevant to policymakers, Occupational Health Service (OHS) professionals and owners/operators of SMEs.

5. Training for workplace mental health promotion (MHP)

This policy brief provides concrete recommendations addressing groups responsible for training workplace actors on mental health and wellbeing issues at EU and national levels in order to ensure that appropriate training is provided to all relevant stakeholders.

6. Mental Health and Wellbeing in Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises – The Role of Social partners

This policy brief discusses the role that social partners play in influencing and developing policy on mental health in the workplace as well as improving the practice and implementation of workplace mental health interventions.

7. Improving Workplace mental health: The role of EU policy makers

Building on the outcomes of the H-WORK project, this policy brief provides EU-level policymakers with concrete recommendations to foster mentally healthy work environments and facilitate cooperation between EU Member States and relevant stakeholders.

8. Economic Benefits of Promoting Mental Health in SME’s and Public Organisations

This policy brief proposes strategies and calls for action to demonstrate the economic benefits of promoting mental health in the workplace. Recommendations target policymakers, organisational leaders, and stakeholders interested in maximising the economic value of workplace mental health promotion.

9. Social Media and mental health at work: recommendations for managers

This policy brief addresses the impact of social media on workplace mental health, presenting recommendations to leverage the positive aspects and mitigate potential negative impacts.

10. Implementing Artificial Intelligence for Promoting Well-being in Organisations

This policy brief examines the transformative potential of AI in promoting employee mental health and outlines opportunities and challenges in exploiting AI applications to create supportive work environments.

H-WORK goes Europe: next presentations at two European congresses

The EU-funded project H-WORK has announced the presentation of its final results at two upcoming congresses in 2023.

Also the H-WORK ‘Mental Health at Work Platform’ will be showcased at the European Association of Work and Organizational Psychology (EAWOP) congress in Katowice, Poland from May 24-27, 2023, and the European Congress of Psychology (ECP) in Brighton, UK from July 3-6, 2023.

The H-WORK Mental Health at Work Platform’ is an innovative online tool that provides guidance and resources for employers, employees, and occupational health professionals on how to promote and protect mental health in the workplace. The platform includes a self-assessment tool for organizations, a repository of best practices and case studies, and a directory of experts and resources.

At the EAWOP congress in Katowice, H-WORK will present the platform and its key findings on mental health at work. The congress is a major event in the field of work and organizational psychology, bringing together researchers, practitioners, and policymakers from across Europe and beyond.

At the ECP congress in Brighton, H-WORK will participate in a panel discussion with other Horizon 2020 sister projects on the topic of mental health and well-being in the workplace. The congress is the largest gathering of psychologists in Europe, covering all areas of psychology and attracting thousands of participants from around the world.

The presentation of H-WORK’s final results at these two congresses is an important milestone for the project and a demonstration to its contribution to the field of mental health at work. By disseminating its findings and tools to a wide audience of researchers, practitioners, and policymakers, H-WORK hopes to make a lasting impact on the well-being of workers across Europe and beyond.

Presentation of the H-Work EU project by project coordinator from UNIBO, Prof. Luca Pietrantoni

Multilevel Interventions to Promote Mental Health in SMEs and Public Workplaces: HWork

November 10, 2021

EMPOWER, together with sister EU-funded projects H-WORK, MAGNET4EUROPE, MENTUPP and MINDBOT, organised a Webinar entitled Fostering mental health at work: emerging strategies from innovative projects in Europe, November 10, 2021, from 9 am to 1:30 pm (CET).

Multilevel Interventions to Promote Mental Health in SMEs and Public Workplaces

Prof. Luca Pietrantoni, PhD. University of Bologna

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