Project Group eHealth

The project group is involved in activities to survey, monitor, investigate and evaluate eHealth applications as well as in efforts to guarantee the quality of applications and guidelines on proper use of eHealth applications. This work is done in international collaboration between experts and together with other health professions.

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The project group on eHealth was set-up in 2015. Its aim was to help deal with the increasing expansion of technology within the professional contexts of psychologist in Europe and across the world, a trend which has only accelerated following the COVID-19 pandemic. Experts from different EFPA member associations therefore aim to help psychologists better understand to the domain and make optimal use of it, while also allowing policy makers and member associations develop sensible strategies for their use.

On this webpage you’ll find an overview of different members, alongside some recent output and deliverables and – if available – planned events of the project group.

List of members

Andreas Schwerdtfeger
AndreasSchwerdtfeger profile picture
University of Graz
Tine Nordgreen
Profile picture Tine Nordgreen
University of Bergen

Resources from this working group

Webinar: " From theory to practice: how can you make use of the potential of technology for psychology?"

In 2023 the Project Group eHealth will be organising a webinar series on the potential of technology for psychology.

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Online consultations and psychologists’ use and experience

While online consultations have shown promise to be a means for the effective delivery of high-quality mental healthcare and the first implementations of these digital therapeutic contacts go back nearly two decades, uptake has rema

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Online consultations and psychologists’ perspectives

While the general uptake of e-mental health interventions remained low over the past years, physical distancing and lockdown measures relating to the COVID-19 pandemic created a need and demand for online consultations in only a mat

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Webinar on online consultations

The COVID-19 pandemic crisis forced psychologists to take their consultations (partly) online, in order to continue to provide care.

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Recommendations for policy and practice

The COVID-19 pandemic has brought with it a great need for the use of telepsychotherapy and other interventions using psychological theories and techniques to support both mental and physical health.

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Digital psychological interventions – consensus statement

This consensus statement from the different members of the EFPA project group on E-health aims to provide general rules of thumb concerning the dissemination in and use of digital psychological interventions in practice.

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Upcoming events

Adopting internet-based psychological interventions for practice: Lessons to take away from three decades of intensive research

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26th Annual CyberPsychology, CyberTherapy & Social Networking Conference (CYPSY26)

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ESRII 7th conference: United in Diversity

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