Reference list psychosocial information on the Corona crisis

Standing Committee Crisis, Disaster and Trauma Psychology EFPA


Lucia Formenti - Italy : Psychoeducation

  • Guidelines for adults, self-protection for adults
  • Suggestions and Guidelines for the elderly
  • Guidelines for children & Story of Oyster:  The virus and me
  • Telephone support
  • First responders guide


Erik de Soir – Belgium : Information for children

  • “Hello I am Corona”  (PDf (9) available meanwhile in more than 16 languages
  • “Worthy Goodbye from a distance”  (PDF (91) about last goodbye in times of pandemia)

Bill Yule  - UK:

  • COVID 19  Sources of advice on children (PDF 95)


Stepan Vymetal – Czech Republic : Corona virus disease COVID


Heidi Wittrup Djup - Norway


Noreen Tehrani - UK


Sandra Pitzl - Austria / BÖP


IASC Reference Group on Mental Health and Psychosocial Support in Emergency Settings


Website European Federation of Psychologists Associations EFPA  psychologists' support hub about Covid-19  

•  How do our Member Associations deal with the crisis (to find national resources and recommendations)

• Provision of first line psychological support

• Provision of online consultation

• Psychological impact of quarantine/isolation, how to cope with quarantine/isolation

• Health advice for older adults

• How EFPA partners deal with Covid-19