This guideline is a result of the EUTOPA project aiming to harmonize in Europe post disaster psychosocial care

2008 Nato document on Psychosocial Care for People Affected by Disasters and Major Incidents

Task Force on Disaster & Crisis Psychology - Report to Council of Europe

Psychological work in acute crisis situations – a recommendation for good practice by the Finnish Psychological Association & the Finnish Psychological Society, Scientific Committee, 2012 

A framework for psychosocial recovery after disasters following the Canterbury Earthquakes 2011 in NZ 

European Policy Paper concerning different aspects of psycho-social support for people involved in major accidents and disasters.

Proposal for Quality Standards of psychological interventions in disaster and crisis

Draft recommendation for the European and Mediterranean Major Hazards Agreement (EUR-OPA) on Psychosocial Support And Services to Disaster Victims

Role of Psychologists in Pan European and International Emergencies  

British Red Cross project about enabling different stakeholders to respond better to, the psycho-social needs of individuals affected in an emergency or disaster