Psychotherapy: an important activity for many psychologists

Psychotherapy is an important psychological intervention practiced by many psychologists specialized in the various models of psychotherapy. EFPA therefore has a particular interest in the development of psychotherapy throughout Europe. In this resource page you can find information on how European psychologists work together on the topic of psychotherapy.


EFPA’s statement on psychologists practicing psychotherapy

During the General Assembly of 2019 in Amsterdam, EFPA’s member associations took a clear position on the topic of psychotherapy and its place within the practice of psychologists.

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How to situate psychotherapy amongst the broad field of psychological interventions?

We often receive questions from stakeholders how to situate psychotherapy within the range of all the interventions psychologists perform with their clients. EFPA’s Specialist Awarding Committee on Psychotherapy therefore produced a report which situates psychotherapy as a specialized psychological intervention that requires specific competencies and therefore additional training from psychologists.

The Europsy specialist certificate in Psychotherapy

The Europsy is the European standard of education and professional training in psychology set by EFPA. Within the Europsy EFPA organizes a Europsy specialist certificate in Psychotherapy.

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