The Ordem dos Psicólogos Portugueses meets with Minister of Health and delivers seven proposals

April 29, 2024 -The President of the Portuguese Psychologists Association (OPP) , Francisco Miranda Rodrigues, and the Vice-Presidente, Sofia Ramalho, met on April 29th, with the Minister of Health Ana Paula Martins.

Seven proposals were presented at this meeting.

  1. Hire at least 300 psychologists, in one year, for the psychology services of Local Health Units (ULS) (at least 100 by the end of 2024).
  2. Determine the immediate operationalization of the Junior Professional Years regulation (professional internships for access to the profession) in the SNS, at least 100 per year (already meeting the target in 2024).
  3. Complete, by the end of the first half of 2024, the reorganization and creation of autonomous psychology services, in the ULS, in accordance with current regulations and following the model agreed with the Executive Management of the SNS.
  4. Dignify and link psychologists to the SNS, through valuing their professional career and level of specialization.
  5. Strengthen and encourage investment in health promotion and disease prevention, particularly through investment in health literacy and healthy lifestyle habits.
  6. Develop a strategy for linking and motivating health professionals, systemic and based on management models informed by scientific evidence.
  7. Creation of a team to design, test and pilot quick, simple, cost-effective and attractive behavioral change solutions in the organization of the NHS and in health responses.



President of OPP, Francisco Miranda Rodrigues, and the Vice-Presidente, Sofia Ramalho

Watch back the video here.