H-WORK Innovation Platform selected as one of the Best Practices on Mental Health by the European Commission

On 13th March, together with Greta Mazzetti from Università di Bologna and moderated by Ledia Lazeri, regional adviser for mental health at WHO Regional Office for Europe, EFPA presented to representatives of EU member states the Horizon2020 funded project H-WORK Innovation Platform, as one of the best practices on mental health selected by the EC (DG SANTE) for its Best Practices Portal.




H-WORK Innovation Platform is an online mental health resource with self-help tools.

The platform is designed for public organisations, SMEs, managers, supervisors, CEOs, and HR/OHS professionals, focusing on mental health in the workplace.

It is freely accessible, using non-tracking cookies, with a soft log-in for interactive tools, ensuring user privacy.

The Platform comprises three main interactive tools:

  • The H-WORK Benchmarking Calculator: to know what your position is in comparison with other EU similar entities.
  • The H- WORK Decision Support System: to help you identify areas that need to be tackled, with a concrete list of recommendations.
  • The H-WORK Economic Calculator: showing the RoI of the implementation of mental health related interventions.

Want to know how to tackle mental health in the workplace? Check the H-Work Roadmap and Policy briefs