European Implementation Event 2023 (EIE2023)





Creating a new normal:
Enhancing the relevance of implementation science for society

Welcome to the 2023 European Implementation Event, co-hosted by the European Implementation Collaborative and IMPACT – the Swiss Implementation Science Network.

The field of implementation science – and closely related disciplines such as knowledge translation/ mobilization or improvement science – has undergone tremendous development in the past decades. The joint ambition of those involved is to make the active use of evidence the “new normal” in the everyday thinking and doing of decision makers and others who form and shape practice and policy in health, social welfare and education.

Creating this new normal requires a strong foundation in implementation science. A science that is deeply rooted in and committed to practice. A science that builds on insights from behavioural and political science, sociology, economics, and other disciplines contributing to a thorough understanding of implementation. A science that is creative and bold.

Creating and sustaining this new normal also calls for novel types of collaborations and partnerships, involving researchers, funders, intermediaries, practice and policy stakeholders, service users and the public. And it requires inter- and trans-disciplinarity in implementation research.

This new normal – its current state of the art and ways to advance it – will take centre stage at the EIE2023. Presentations, debates and workshops will focus on how to enhance the relevance of current best implementation knowledge for practice and policy in health, social welfare and education, in Europe and beyond.


What is the #EIE2023?

At the #EIE2023, Implementation – the translation, uptake and integration of research findings within the daily routines of human services – takes centre stage.
As an attendee, you will learn about latest, cutting-edge implementation science and practice; participate in inspiring and surprising discussions with international colleagues; expand your professional network; and be inspired by the diversity of this exciting discipline.


Who is it for?

The #EIE2023 brings together individuals and organisations engaged in synthesising, translating, adopting and implementing evidence in human service practice and policy. You may work in health, social welfare, education or other human service sectors; you may be a psychologist, social worker, occupational therapist, nurse, sociologist, economist or have a totally different educational background; researchers as well as practitioners, funders, organisational leaders, intermediaries and other roles are welcome at the event – as are those who are new to the field and those with extensive knowledge and experience.


Where is #EIE2023 happening?

The European Implementation Event 2023 is co-hosted by the Swiss Implementation Science Network (IMPACT) and will take place on June 8 & 9, 2023 in Basel.



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