Encounter in Change - Changes in Encounter

It is a great pleasure and pride for us to organise this conference in June 2023, which has a long tradition, jointly organised by the Institute of Psychology of the University of Pécs and the Hungarian Psychological Society.

The biannual General Assembly is the largest scientific forum in psychology in Hungary, which enables professionals from different parts of the country to meet, present their new research results, and exchange ideas and cooperate with professionals and peers from other fields.

In preparing for the Grand Assembly, we felt we could not avoid the issues that changes around us are bringing about in our lives. The accelerated pace and scope of change and the lack of predictability is having a significant impact on our relationships and our daily lives. Unexpected events and uncertainty generate new problems and raise new questions for psychology. With these ideas in mind, the General Assembly will seek answers to the following questions:

How, in what ways, does the profession see change in different areas of psychology? How is change taking place?
Where does change start and where does it take place? Where does it start and where does it begin? In the past, in the present or in the future?
What are the layers of meaning and experiences of change? Can change be understood? How and in what dimensions can change be understood?
How can we prepare for change? Who is prepared for change? What are the conditions for change? Can we help and, if so, how can we help prepare for change?
How can we respond to change?
How is change received, managed and led at individual, group, organisational and societal levels? What is the relationship between culture and change? How can change be the basis of culture?
What can be the impact of change? Does it separate, connect, shape old and new forms of connection and encounter within and outside the profession? How does change affect psychologists, psychologist and client, psychologist and other professionals, psychologist and communities?
What is the role and function of the encounter? What and how can change be a sustaining force? Are encounters a trigger, a barrier, an accelerator, a decelerator of change?
What opportunities do traditions offer in the midst of change?
The XXXth General Assembly, the round anniversary of the conference, provides the opportunity, space and time to meet and discuss these issues.

We are preparing for the event ahead with great excitement. Our aim is to provide an unforgettable and high quality professional-scientific and cultural experience for all participants of the conference, which will bring the University of Pécs and the Hungarian Psychological Society a good reputation both at home and abroad.

We provide all the information about the conference on our website and encourage everyone to visit it ( If you cannot find the answer to your question on the website, please contact for assistance!

We wish you a successful preparation, research and conference participation!

See you in Pécs, Hungary, 8-10 June 2023!

Translated with DeepL