The Future is Now: the changing world of work

So much has happened in the last two years that has changed our lives, our work and the ways we think about ourselves and the world in which we live. That is why we came to the decision to focus our congress on the theme “The Future is Now: the changing world of work”. When considering these words, we kept changing our minds about the punctuation. Then we realised that different forms of punctuation were leading us to focus on different facets of the same topic and that our congress theme asks crucial questions about contribution, urgency, and delivery and most definitely represents a call to action from our profession. These different facets we believe to be:

  • The future is now. Contribution. Our future is being created by many professionals in for example Engineering, IT, AI, Economics, Medicine, Human Resources. How will we develop new competences and how will we compete and collaborate? How will we help lead the way?
  • The future is now! Urgency. We cannot wait to solve the problems of pandemics, migration, war, refugees, sustainability, climate and social change, violence against women and children and economic crises.
  • The future is now? Delivery. How much of the present do we want in our future? What changes are desirable? What changes are essential? Can we even deliver our desired changes? How?


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