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Interventions at Work – Integrating Science and Practice

In academia, it is so easy to sit back in our silos and concentrate on the research that brings publications, citations, grants and prestige within our narrow fields and this certainly has its place.  

However, there is a larger world out there which includes professional practitioners who are looking to scientific research to help provide answers to practical issues of considerable significance. 

These practitioners also have ideas and data that can feed back and nourish the further development of science. Therefore, our aim is to bring together scientists and practitioners to share ideas and build a meaningful dialogue.

Organisations have need of our collective insights and the pandemic has changed working practice to the extent and at a pace we could never have predicted. Congress may be an opportune time to reflect and anticipate how we might need to evolve as work and organizational psychologists to address the complex challenges that we face.

While the theme was agreed before the pandemic, it seems particularly appropriate when we have all been have been thinking about the countless changes to our lives and workplaces it has brought.

Workshop Programme

We have a great programme of half-day and full-day workshops available to attending delegates. These events can either be included in your booking when you first register or added later. Many of the sessions have limited capacity and are likely to fill up fast.
We are also delighted to report a high number of excellent submissions. The successful submissions will be added to our
continually growing selection of invited speakers. We will be uploading the programme of exciting sessions to the website before the end of September.

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