This event marked the occasion of European Mental Health Week (22-28 May 2023) and aimed to highlight the diverse ways that psychology can contribute to the development of mental health in both policy and practice.

The event featured contributions from panelists Magda Rooze, Felix Bolinski, Ole Tunold, Kinga Dengyel, Rosaleen McElvaney and Tom Van Daele and was hosted by EC Member and Liaison for Mental Health John Francis Leader.

The topics discussed were centred around EFPA's recent submission to the European Commission's 'A Comprehensive Approach to Mental Health' process—relating to: mental health commitment, societal crises, community-oriented services, the workplace, climate change, standards and equality of access/digitalisation.

A new mental health section on the EFPA website has also been launched as part of European Mental Health Week. There you will find details of EFPA's work in this area including further details on the 7 points mentioned above, submissions to the European Commission and you can watch back the panel event: