We have revised our awards in the interests of awarding innovation and excellence, while promoting equality, diversity and inclusion in psychological research, practice and allied work.

New deadline for submitting nominations: April 17, 2023

EFPA awards call for nominations

Awards purpose and criteria

Each award has its own specific profile. This profile is described in the fact sheet for the respective award, together with clear criteria applicable to the different fields of psychology and an equality statement about openness to all who meet the criteria.
Information about EFPA’s portfolio of awards, requirements and nomination procedure is available at https://www.efpa.eu/activities/awards

Aristotle Prize

Purpose: The Aristotle Prize is awarded to an individual psychologist or team recognised internationally as having made a substantial and original contribution to psychology as a science or a profession.

The link between the Aristotle Prize and the EFPA European Congress of Psychology means the prize will be awarded in an area of work that reflects the particular Congress theme in the relevant year.


Comenius Early Career Award

Purpose: the Comenius award is designed to recognise a psychologist whose academic and teaching career in psychology is developing, including quality of academic contribution and excellence in teaching and learning, and who is within 10 years of the completion of their PhD or equivalent.


Robert Roe Memorial Award

Purpose: the Robert Roe Memorial Award is focused on European psychology and making a difference to society.

The award recognises psychologists whose work contributes towards making a better society by demonstrating the relevance of psychological knowledge and achieving impact in society, communicating psychological science for societal benefit, or using psychological science for public policy influencing.