1. Introduction and history 

The Comenius Early Career Psychologist Award was given to EFPA by the Union of Psychologists’ Associations of the Czech Republic (UPA CR), to be awarded to a young psychologist from Europe who has made an original contribution to psychology as a science and profession

  • The prize was awarded for the first time on European Congress of Psychology 2007 in Prague to Professor David De Cremer from Belgium, currently at Tilburg University
  • and for the second time at the ECP 2009 in Oslo/Norway to Dr. Katie Elizabeth Slocombe from the University of York/UK,
  • the 3rd one was awarded at the ECP 2011 in Istanbul to both Dr. Emily Holmes from the University of Oxford - UK and Dr. Koen Luyckx from the Catholic University of Leuven, Belgium,
  • the 4th one was awarded at the European Congress of Psychology in Stockholm in July 2013 to Dr. Wilhelm Hofmann from Germanyat that moment working at the University of Chicago,
  • the fifth one was awarded  at the European Congress of Psychology in Milan in 2015 to DrPauline Jansen from the Erasmus University Rotterdam (Netherlands),
  • the sixth was awarded at the European Congress of Psychology in Amsterdam in 2017 to Dr. David Daniel Ebert from the Friedrich-Alexander University Erlangen-Nürnberg (Germany),
  • the last award went to Dr. Wiebke Bleidorn from the University of California, Davis at ECP 2019 in Moscow (Russia).

2. Criteria 

New criteria will follow.

3. Procedures  

EFPA has set up a 7-person Comenius Early Career Psychologist Award Committee which includes its President, Secretary General, a member of the Union of Psychologists’ Associations of the Czech Republic (UPA CR), a member of the European Federation of Psychology Students’ Associations (EFPSA), a member of the Czech Association of Students of Psychology (CASP), a member of the EFPA EC, and one other person member of the EFPA Board of Scientific Affairs.

There should be some continuity of membership of this committee, and it should function in communication with the Scientific Committee of the next European Congress of Psychology, which might be represented on the Committee. 

4. Application procedure:

Nominations should include (please send every document as separate pdf file)

• a letter of nomination, sent in by EFPA’s (associate, affiliate) member associations, signed by two nominators

• a statement as to how the nominee meets the criteria (see point above)

• a list of publications and presentations at national and international conference

• a current curriculum vitae with picture (jpg format) with contact details (email address)

Instructions to submit nominations for the award 2022 will be published in the fall of 2021.