Calling on all community psychologists in Napoli ICCP 21- 24 September 2022

Want to be part of our project on psychology and climate change? Join the EFPA working group!



EFPA, ECPA and EFPSA, have joined together in a project on community psychology and climate change,  and a call has gone out to their member associaons for nominaons to join the project working group.  As reported to the EFPA General Assembly of 29 June 2021, a joint project was planned for the Efpa Standing Commie on Community Psychology together with the ECPA.


The project

This project focuses on climate change and includes the European Federation of Psychology Student Associaons (EFPSA).  A document of agreement on working prosess, purpose and deliverables has been signed by all three partners.  The new EFPA Project on Climate is launched at the https://9iccpnaples.com/  with support from the organisors, by Caterina Archidiacono.


The goals

The aim is to make clear that climate goals can only be achieved if communies are strengthened, to raise awareness of the problem and foster engagement in ways to address climate change. The project aims to outline community psychology approaches to building social jusce and community in the struggle against climate change. To deliver a green paper on community psychology approaches from parcipaon research, aiming to increase climate change cizen engagement and global sense of community. To collect stories telling how communies are coping and building resilience https://www.ecpa-online.com/new-bank/  and a systemac literature review on the links between conflict, migration and climate change.


Call for nomination

Given the work focus and mandate, it would be useful for the nominees to have knowledge, skills and experience in the areas of

  • Systemac review methodology
  • Parcipation research
  • Working with communies, co-production
  • Narrave and storytelling approaches, video diaries
  • Climate change issues and solutions in communities

 EFPA MA's have been asked to make a nomination for the SC Climate working group by September 30, 2022.


If you have colleagues known to be interested in climate issues,

please encourage them to contact their EFPA MA to be nominated.

You can propose yourself or a colleague for candidate.

Should you have any questions, please contact EFPA Head Office at Headoffice(a)efpa.eu