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EFPA Boards 2021-2023

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  1. Board of Scientific Affairs 
  2. Board of Educational Affairs
  3. Board of Ethics 
  4. Board of Promotion and Prevention
  5. Board of Assessment 
  6. Board on Human Rights and Psychology 
  7. Board on Cultural and Ethnic Diversity

EFPA Standing committees 2021 - 2023

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  1. SC on Psychology and Health
  2. SC on Psychology in Education 
  3. SC on Geropsychology 
  4. SC on Crisis, Disaster and Trauma Psychology
  5. SC on Community Psychology 
  6. SC on Clinical NeuroPsychology
  7. SC on Work & Organisation

EFPA Project Groups 2021-2023

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  1. Project group eHealth 
  2. Project group Psychotherapy

Terms of Reference (TOR) for EFPA working groups 2021