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Competent Authorities for psychologists as regulated profession

Updated Oct 2013

Database of regulated professions in the EU member states + Iceland, Norway, Liechtenstein and Switzerland available on the website of the European Commission under DG Internal market - qualifications 

What is a regulated profession?

A profession is said to be regulated when access and exercise is subject to the possession of a specific professional qualification.

Regulated professions in this database

This database contains lists of regulated professions in the EU member states, EEA countries and Switzerland covered by the Directive 2005/36/EC.

Regulated professions are grouped together under generic headings called "generic professions". This is to help find regulated professions which are listed in the language of the country in which they are regulated.

The profession's generic heading cover professions regulated in different Member States, which may cover different activities.

If you want to know the competent authority for psychologists  (Clinical psychologist, Health Psychologist, Psychologist, Psychologist-Counsellor) in a EU member state you can search under :

or look at EFPA Members (if this information is available)

Regulated professions and recognition of qualifications

Qualified professionals wishing to obtain recognition within the EU should seek advice from the relevant Contact Point in the future host country (EU Member States, Iceland, Norway, Liechtenstein, Switzerland).

The contact points are responsible for providing general information on recognition of professional qualifications provided for in Directive 2005/36/EC as well as on competent authorities and national legislation governing the professions.