Tue, Jun 15, 2021

7. European Health Policy Forum EUHPF

EFPA has been confirmed as member of the EUHPF in March 2010 and will be represented by

Stan Maes (NL)

Robertas Povilaitis (LT)


The aim of the Health Policy Forum is to bring together umbrella organisations representing stakeholders in the health sector to ensure that the EU`s health strategy is open, transparent and responds to the public concerns. The intention is to provide an opportunity to organise consultations, to exchange views and experience on a wide range of topics, and to assist in implementation and follow-up of specific initiatives.

The EU Health Policy Forum is, as agreed in the response of the Commission to the public consultation on the creation of the forum in early 2001, part of a structure additionally consisting of the Open Forum. The EU Health Policy Forum currently has 52 member organisations. Membership has been revised in May 2010.

The EU Health Policy Forum meets regularly in Brussels. The meetings review the EU work in various areas of public health and adopt recommendations on them.

The Forum seeks to cover evenly four groups of organisations:

  1. Non-governmental organisations in the public health field and patients` organisations.
  2. Organisations representing health professionals and trade unions.
  3. Health service providers and health insurance.
  4. Economic operators with an interest in and commitment to health promotion, protection and improvement.

The EUHPF's role - renewed mandate January 2009

see : http://ec.europa.eu/health/archive/ph_overview/health_forum/docs/euhpf_mandate_en.pdf