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Winner of the Comenius Early Career Psychologist Award 2015 - Dr. Pauline Jansen

15 Apr 2015

The Executive Council of EFPA would like to congratulate Dr. Pauline Jansen from the Erasmus University of Rotterdam (Netherlands) to be the winner of the Comenius Early Career Psychologist Award 2015.

News - Winner of the Comenius Early Career Psychologist Award 2015 - Dr. Pauline Jansen

The Comenius Selection Committee stated that 

quote :  

  • Dr. Jansen is a promising young researcher with an original view on psychological phenomena and social context who dares to challenge current theoretical thoughts as well as ideas about causality.

  • For example, she takes a novel approach to the fact that overweight children are being bullied (as victim) more often and studies whether overweight children might are also often involved in bullying others – which seems to be the case. Another example is the bi-directional relationship between quality of life and overweight. She has shown that low quality of life is a consequence of overweight, more than a cause – which suggests that effective promotion of healthy weight could benefit multiple aspects of children's well-being.

  • Dr. Jansen’s publications show several examples of bidirectional relations, which are scientifically interesting but also attract attention in the popular media.

  • A distinguishing feature of Dr. Jansen’s work is the broad perspective on psychological phenomena. She studies these in relation to sleep, overweight, bullying, and family dynamics, and links all these areas in her studies.

  • Dr. Jansen has an excellent publication record with 36 international since the start of her career (2007). She has been speaker on several international conferences held in Europe and North America.


The award will be handed over to the winner during the Opening Ceremony of the European Congress of Psychology in Milan on Tuesday, July 7, 2015 at 17.00 o’clock (

The Comenius Early Career Psychologist Award was given to EFPA by the Union of Psychologists’ Associations of the Czech Republic (UPA CR) in 2007, to be awarded to a young psychologist from Europe who has made an original contribution to psychology as a science and profession.

More information about the Comenius Early Career Psychologist Award can be found here 


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