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Winner of the Aristotle Prize 2015 Prof. Dr. Jose Maria Peiro

15 Apr 2015

The Executive Council of EFPA would like to congratulate Dr. José Maria Peiró from the University of Valencia (Spain) for being elected to be the winner of the Aristotle Prize 2015.

News - Winner of the Aristotle Prize 2015  Prof. Dr. Jose Maria Peiro

The Aristotle Prize was given to EFPA by the President of the IVth European Congress of Psychology in 1995 Athens, Greece, to be awarded to a psychologist from Europe who has made a distinguished contribution to psychology. 

The Aristotle Prize Selection Committee stated that:

 quote …..

 •              Prof. José Maria Peiró is an internationally reputed scholar, known for many original and inspiring contributions to work and organizational psychology, particularly in the domains of quality of work, occupational health, well-being and work stress.

 •              One of Prof. Peiró’s many scientific contributions lies in the development of psychological climate theory, which bridges the gap between collective and individual behavior. His research has shown that people’s shared ideas and practices shape the actions and responses of individuals over and beyond individual level determinants. These findings are not only of theoretical but also of practical significance: assessing climate helps to better understand people’s responses in terms of role stress, tension, satisfaction, leadership perception and performance.

 •              The scientific oeuvre of Prof. Peiró and his team comprises over 500 publications, which are widely read and cited in Europe and North-America, and in other English and Spanish speaking countries of the world. He has given numerous presentations in national and international conferences.

 •              Prof. Peiró is a highly productive and entrepreneurial academic who has established the Center for Research in Organizational and Work Psychology at the University of Valencia which has become one of the leading centers in the world. He is also leading the IDOCAL applied research institute at the University of Valencia.  

•              Prof. Peiró’s effectiveness in establishing and strengthening links between psychological scholars from Europe and other continents has resulted in highly successful projects in research in education. One example is the EU-funded Erasmus Mundus Master Program in WOPP, which involves teaching staff from all over Europe and has delivered a European Master to hundreds of students from dozens of countries in the word.

 •              Prof. Peiró is an inspiring leader and teacher for many colleagues and students, in Europe and abroad. He has supervised more than 50 PhD theses.

 … unquote.

The Prize will be handed over during the Opening Ceremony of the European Congress of Psychology in Milan on Tuesday, July 7, 2015 at 17.00 o’clock  (

More information about the Aristotle Prize can be found here


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