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Switzerland: Quality standards for online interventions

11 Jun 2018

For Psychotherapy practioners: Psychologists and psychiatrists providing online interventions must present and apply the following quality standards

Our Swiss colleagues present quality standards for online interventions

The aim of these standards is as follows:

  • to give specialists clear and specific reference points, both on a therapy level, a technical level and on a legal level.
  • to make the general public, especially patients, aware of specialist treatments available.

Once the quality standards have been outlined, information on the following areas will be provided: the definition of as well as different types of online interventions, uses, effects, prospects and risks and lastly specific skills that are of benefit to individuals providing online interventions.

These quality standards were compiled by the FSP in collaboration with the FMPP, the Swiss Association of psychotherapeutic Psychiatrists.

The document can be downloaded here

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