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Norway Psychologist President to head the Council for Mental Health

6 May 2011

Norway Psychological Society president Tor Levin Hofgaard was 28 April elected new Chairman of the Council for Mental Health. He believes the Council has a unique position as a change agent because it represents a broad, common platform for all who are concerned about mental health.

Tor Levin Hofgaard emphasizes that the health care system is under development and refers to interaction Reform and the proposed new health and care.

- The municipality will have a far more active role than before to prevent, treat and rehabilitate. This is new and requires a strong voice for mental health. The Council has legitimacy because it represents the entire axis from users to professionals. We must show strength as both fagaktør and political actor, "he said.

He is little concerned that there will be major conflicts between user interests and professional interests.

- Compares the purposes of paragraphs and action plans are confusingly similar when it comes to the big questions. It is one of the Council of huge profits that it has directed attention to user interests, and we will continue to do, "said Hofgaard.

Council for Mental Health approximated 25 years in 2010, was once a solid driving force behind the escalation plan for mental health and has contributed greatly to shatter the myths about mental illness. Psychological Association was among the founders and Tor Levin Hofgaard takes over the position after former Minister Ansgar Gabrielsen.

General Secretary Marianne Røiseland will represent the Council externally in their daily work.

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