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Invitation 11th European SMES (Mental health and social exclusion) Conference Sharing and Participating

2 Feb 2011

You are kindly invited to participate in the European Conference: “SHARING and PARTICIPATING, promoting Dignified Life and Mental Health” that SMES-Europa - together with several Romanian Organisations** - is preparing.

The conference will be held in Bucharest on 16-18 March 2011, and  is open to practitioners, volunteers, researches working in Mental Health and Social fields in favour of people experiencing poverty and social exclusion.

Because of your daily involvement and action in promoting Dignity – Health – Inclusion of people living in precarious health and social condition, we warmly invite you to participate in this conference and to exchange your knowledge and experiences with Romanian and other European colleagues.

The 2010 European Year Combating poverty and social exclusion has now ended, however extreme poverty is an increasingly visible phenomenon with numerous homeless people suffering social and psychical problems, permanently on the streets or in reception centres.

Abandoned homeless people continue to die on our city streets. Faced with this situation our feeling of indignation often change from involvement to indifference, or from the challenge to resignation.

What we can and must propose together?

If you and your organisation would like to present to the conference your ideas and reflections, analysis and evaluation, proposals and priorities for exchange and a real opportunity for meaningful networking, please send your abstract as soon as possible to:

Your abstract should relate to one of the three interconnected following topics of the conference :   

§  Outreach, going towards, to meet… : outreach as a professional aptitude and new approaches, to go where they are: home, shelters, street, squats.
e and interdisciplinary teams: projects and aims, difficulties and proposals, evaluation…

§  Deinstitutionalisation, from cure to care: from Institutional to Community-based Care, possible alternatives: diverse  ideas, legislation and systems, experimental projects and daily practices in social and psychiatric field

§  Empowerment, rehabilitation, citizenship for each person – because diversity – is important for society. The work contributing to inclusion in society, but for what kind of job?

Social cooperatives and social enterprises…

We propose a special focus on ‘invisible wounds, ‘suppressed suffering’ of ‘intra-European migrants’   (ex. +/- 2.500.000 Rumanian ‘European migrants’ in Italy and Spain) to prevent a disruption of social and family links; to prevent welcoming from turning into rejection and marginalisation and chronic exclusion, but to support and to accompany these migrants on the path towards integration and participation.

Thanking you very much for your involvement and collaboration. Our best wishes for this New Year.  

Best regards,

Luigi Leonori

President of SMES-Europa

**: Casa Ioana Association ; Estuar Foundation;  Parada Foundation; St Stelian Association; SAMUsocial Romania; Liga Romana de Sanatate Mintala;  Organizatia Suedeza pentru Ajutor Umanitar Individual and others.

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