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European Workshop on Healthy and Active Ageing

27 Apr 2012

As part of the European Year for Active Ageing and Solidarity between generations, the EFPA Standing Committee on GeroPsychology offers a workshop that will bring together experts in GeroPsychology across Europe. Participants will exchange about best practices and research activities promoting active and healthy ageing.

Workshop of the EFPA Standing Committee on GeroPsychology. 1-2 June, Chateau de Schengen, Luxembourg.

Contributions will cover :

Research projects and up-to-date findings on active ageing;

- Intervention programmes promoting active ageing;

- Training and teaching "Geropsychology"

- The workshop is hosted bu the research Unit INSIDE at the University of Luxembourg.

Further information and or registration: - Tel: +352-466644-6479

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