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Aristotle Prize 2011 awarded to Professor Marinus van IJzendoorn - Leiden University

30 Mar 2011

The Aristotle Prize 2011 will be awarded to Professor Marinus van IJzendoorn from the Leiden University (Netherlands) during the Opening ceremony of the European Congress of Psychology 2011 in Istanbul, Turkey on Monday July 4, 2011.

News - Aristotle Prize 2011 awarded to Professor Marinus van IJzendoorn - Leiden University

In her decision the Aristotle Prize Selection Committee stated that :

... Prof. Marinus van IJzendoorn of Leiden University, the Netherlands, is a renowned expert in research on the bio-psychological construct of attachment. His meta-analyses have deepened our understanding of the long-term effects of adaptation even across generations. His research has shown the role of epigenetic molecular processes in the effects that environmental experiences have on the development of different attachment patterns. His work has made clear that attachment provides a very potent approach to emotion regulation, including normative and atypical development, and offers promising possibilities for prevention and intervention concerning the consequences of disasters. His analyses of holocaust survivors have produced ground breaking insights into the lasting effects of severe trauma and conditions of resilience.

Professor van IJzendoorn is a world class researcher, but also an organizer of country-wide graduate schools and mentor to an impressive list of young scientists that covers the future of an entire discipline. His influence reaches far and wide, and has brought together many different regions of the world. His publications are widely referenced and followed up by many other researchers across a number of fields, resulting in a h-index of 38, which, given his age (born 1952) and discipline, is a remarkable achievement.

The Prize will be awarded during the Opening Ceremony of the European Congress of Psychology in Istanbul, Turkey, on Monday July 4, 2011 (

More information about the Aristotle Prize can be found here.


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