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AENEAS Final Conference: Green Mobility for Active Ageing

5 Jan 2011

The European Commission's Directorate General for Employment has declared 2012 the European Year for Active Ageing. This will create debate, discussions and new funding opportunities in member states and at European level.

Brussels, Committee of the Regions 

 April 8, 2011

09:00 – 15:30

The timing is perfect, as baby boomers reach retirement age. But the present generation of senior citizens has some unique characteristics: people are living longer and enjoying a longer retirement than their parents did; they remain active for longer; they grew up as car drivers; and they don’t regard themselves as old.

So what can policy makers and local actors do to promote active ageing and sustainable mobility? Meeting the mobility needs of today’s (and future) senior citizens requires a new approach. Low-floor buses and other infrastructure, while necessary, are only the first step in encouraging today’s senior citizens not to reach for their car keys every time they go out.

Urban mobility policies need to support older people’s personal mobility while encouraging them to use sustainable modes of transport. However, in order to convince this generation of the benefits of active and sustainable mobility, a set of integrated mobility measures is required.

Over the past three years, the AENEAS project has explored soft measures to improve the mobility of older people. The partners have achieved enormous success with innovative activities ranging from travel training and assistance to awareness raising and individualised marketing.

The final AENEAS conference will highlight the challenges of demographic change; illustrate how the proposed activities fit into advanced urban mobility policies; and demonstrate how other cities can apply the innovative measures developed and piloted by the five AENEAS cities.

Draft programme 

Opening speech by a member of the European Parliament

Keynote speech by Ann Frye, independent consultant 

Results and recommendations from the AENEAS project – Rupprecht Consult 

Panel discussion with policy makers – high-level representatives of the European Parliament, the European Commission, representatives of the regions, and institutional stakeholders such as AGE Platform and UITP

Presentation of AENEAS activities 

Panel discussion with local actors – high-level representatives of cities, public transport professionals and local associations dealing with mobility and older people

Moderator: Ann Frye   


For further information please contact : 

Mr Matthias Fiedler at Rupprecht Consult or Ms Ilenia Gheno at AGE Platform

+49 221 60 60 55 22
+32 2 234 65 57



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